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How many hours of sun do solar panels need?

Oct 13


You may be asking yourself this question when deciding whether solar power is worth the cost. There is a wide range of peak hours across the country. We'll show you which states have the highest sun hours and how your state's sunlight intensity will impact your decision to go green.

How many hours of sun do solar panels require?

This question has a simple answer: There is no easy answer. A home's suitability to be solar-powered will depend on many factors, including roof angle, electricity cost and sunlight availability. 


There is a general trend in solar panel design: solar panels work best when there are at least 4 hours of peak sunlight.

What is a "peak hour sun"?

It is essential to clarify the meaning of "sun hour", which does not simply refer to hours of daylight. Although the solar panel specialist has a wide range of daylight hours, not all areas will experience the same amount. Some states might have only two peak sun-hours per day while others may have seven.


Peak sun-hour is when there are 1,000 watts of solar power per square meter. Peak sunlight hours refer to the intensity sunlight in a particular area. Peak sun-hours are when the sun shines brightest.


 Peak sun hours will increase as an area gets closer to the equator, especially during the summer months.

What is the average maximum sunlight hours in my area?

There will be a significant difference in the amount of sunlight available to homeowners depending on their location. See how the top solar power states stack up in terms of average peak sunlight hours per day.